Morning Gratitude Breathwork

I had the pleasure of joining the Moment Company on their IGTV, we chatted all about my morning gratitude breathwork practice. This practise is one of my favourites because it utilizes four important elements to breath. 

1. When we breath through the mouth we enable more oxygen to flood the body, which is so incredibly important for our health.

2. When we breath slowly, it send a message to the brain to slow down, turning off the flight or flight programming we all have, which helps reduce stress

3. Breath holds can help preserve the health of our stem cells and brain tissue, which can increase our life span and helps us more flow in our lives.

4. As we know taking a moment for any meditation or exercise especially gratitude is an incredible practice and important for our mental health and the health of the collective. 

  • Sitting up or lying down, you may feel a little dizzy, this is completely normal, when we excessively breathe we many blow off too much carbon dioxide, it’s completely normal and safe.
  • Breathing in and out through a large open mouth for 20 slow breaths 
  • Last exhale hold for 1 minute - eyes closed and focus in to the third eye or brow point. Then take a moment for gratitude.
  • Recovery breath in and hold for 15 seconds