Conscious Connected Breathwork has enabled me to be vulnerable and watch it in others, it's helped me to move through this magical life with a brand new perspective on the way I live. I am now fully integrated in this journey and it has never let me down...sharing this magic with others is now my main focus. Below I outline what you might experience at one of my events; 

When we breathe in the CCB technique we are tripling, perhaps even quadrupling the amount of oxygen we bring into our bodies, which is so incredibly good for the health of our mind and body. 

Breathwork talks to your parasympathetic system which controls your rest, relaxation, and digest response. When the parasympathetic system is dominant, your breathing slows, your heart rate drops, your blood pressure lowers, and your body is guided back into a state of calm and healing, moving away from the fight or flight sympathetic nervous system.

When we do a breathwork, we are giving ourselves the space and time and more importantly the energy, for our bodies to do what needs to be done - to heal and transform.


I always start with creating a safe space for everyone, ensuring our recipients feel respected and heard. Confidentiality is important and expected. 

I always outline the itinerary of the breathe, and guide participants through the process to include contraindications. 

We always breathe lying down, to music.

We share a grounding exercise, and then breathe for a pre discussed amount of time, often 1-2 hours.

I will be talking to you throughout the experience letting you know where we are in the breathe, as well as being a support where needed.

At the end of the breathe, those that wish to share their experiences can do so.

Always keep in mind in a group circle we work as a collective, riding the ebbs and flows together. You will sense, feel and hear each other as we circle through the emotions of joy, sadness, fear, trapped emotions and much more.   

Always come with an open mind to all the possibilities...


Please wear warm loose comfortable clothing.

A mug for tea.

Please bring a yoga mat, blanket + pillow.

A water bottle.


A Breathwork Journey is very profound and very powerful. It can take a while to integrate, so after the event we recommend;

  • Do not plan to do too much. Give yourself some space and time to process what has happened.
  • Eat nourishing food and drink plenty of water.
  • Try and spend some time in nature or familiar and comforting surroundings.
  • Noticing what has changed and journaling your thoughts may help you articulate where you are.

Any questions please feel free to ask using the form below....

Look forward to meeting you, at one of my events...

NB x