Outdoor Conscious Connected Breathwork +  Yoga Class

Outdoor Conscious Connected Breathwork + Yoga Class

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Open to all...

One Ticket - £12
Bring a Friend - £20
Wednesdays 6.30-8pm (commencing June 8th)
Hove Park (Near Cafe)

By combining Conscious Connected Breathwork and Yoga we bring together two modalities to help relieve the feelings of stress and anxiety and help improve your general wellbeing through an expansive release all set in the beautiful setting at Hove park. 

Hannah will begin with a series of yoga postures for optimal breathing, creating space in the body to experience the full power of our breath. The yoga practice will blend longer held 'yin' postures and yoga flow movement. This yoga class is for all levels, Hannah can guide you on how to modify yoga poses and movement.

Natalie will then take the group through an incredible breathing session. When we breathe powerfully and consciously it affects every system within our bodies as well as; decreases muscle tension, calm your nerves, strengthens the lymphatic, immune respiratory systems, reduces fatigue and promotes stamina. It's an incredible healing tool we all have at our disposal.

What to expect: 

  • A transformational workshop in a beautiful outdoor setting.
  • 30 minute Yin Yoga practice.
  • An 45 min long conscious breathwork session using a connected technique.
  • 1-2-1 guidance and support throughout the session including Reiki healing.
  • A chance to share and connect with others in a meaningful way.
  • Every conscious experience is unique and you may leave feeling re-energised, reflective, lighter, relaxed and curious to learn more!



    Weekly 6.30-8pm.

    Commencing Wednesday June 8th.

    {Weather dependent}


    Hove Park (Near Cafe).

    What to bring; 

    Yoga mat & blanket, please wear warm clothing.


    Natalie Burtenshaw: Natalie is an English born Australian raised Mama, Breathwork Facilitator, Creative Intuitive Reiki Practitioner, and ambassador for women awakening to their inner feminine knowing.

    Natalie is the founder of The Ritual Tribe,  Lilly + Bo and the Cyclical Living Journal www.theritualtribe.co.uk + www.lillyandbo.co.uk 

    Hannah Raya: Hannah is a therapeutic coach, teacher and yoga guide in Brighton.

    After experiencing work-related burnout in her late twenties Hannah became curious about creating a lifestyle that supported her emotional and physical well-being. Hannah trained as a solution-focused psychotherapist, using hypnotherapy as a key modality to support her clients. Her toolbox now includes somatic awareness, autonomic nervous system mapping, contemporary trauma informed practices and Indian head massage.

    In 2018 Hannah travelled to Nepal and India to train as a yoga teacher with the intention of combining nourishing movement with guided visualisation to help her local community de-stress. Since then Hannah has created a number of accessible day retreats, yoga classes and online yoga programmes with Emberly which all focus on creating space in the body, relaxation and energy replenishment.

    Hannah believes that a fulfilling, expansive and soothing yoga practice is possible for every body. Her intention is to always ensure that that what she guides is accessible and available - especially to people who have never practiced yoga before.



    * We do not recommend Conscious Connected Breathwork using the mouth for those with high or low blood pressure, glaucoma, are at a risk of stroke, early or unstable pregnancy or suffer with any form of psychosis such as schizophrenia. You are welcome to attend the event and breathe through the nose.