Performance Breathwork & Mindfulness Workshop - May 21st

Performance Breathwork & Mindfulness Workshop - May 21st

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Open to all...

Regular Ticket - £30
F45 Members - £25 {click here}

Join us, in partnership with our friends at F45 Brighton, for our Performance Breathwork Mindfulness Workshop to assist with developing a mental fitness routine which is one of the best ways to increase self-awareness, boost confidence and energy, and to support your physical training.


By combining Mindfulness and Breathwork we bring together two scientifically proven ways to relieve feelings of stress and anxiety and to improve your general wellbeing.


Breathing powerfully and consciously affects every system within your body as well as; decreases muscle tension, calms your nerves, strengthens the lymphatic, immune respiratory systems, reduces fatigue and promotes stamina. It's an incredible healing tool we all have at our disposal.


If you are curious to explore the power of Conscious Connected Breathwork, to unlock possible blockages in your energy, and if you want to learn simple techniques to balance your nervous system,  then this workshop may be the best investment you will make!



What to expect: 

  • A three hour transformational workshop.
  • Practical mindfulness techniques you can use everyday.
  • An 90 min long conscious breathwork session using a connected technique.
  • 1-2-1 guidance and support throughout the session including Reiki healing.
  • A chance to share and connect with other breathers in a meaningful way.
  • Every breathwork experience is unique and you may leave feeling re-energised, reflective, lighter, relaxed and curious to learn more!



    May 21st 1pm - 4pm

    Limited Spaces


    F45 Brighton Central - Unit 1 Temple House, 5 Fleet Street, Brighton, BN1 4HB

    What to bring; 

    Yoga mat & blanket and pillow.


    Natalie Burtenshaw: Natalie is an English born Australian raised Mama, Breathwork Facilitator, Creative Intuitive Reiki Practitioner, and ambassador for women awakening to their inner feminine knowing.

    Natalie is the founder of The Ritual Tribe,  Lilly + Bo and the Cyclical Living Journal + 

    Fiona McKinnon: Fiona is Co-founder of the Moment Company and is on a mission to share the benefits of taking short mindful micro-pauses, or Moments, throughout the working day.  Fiona is a NLP & Reiki Practitioner.

    You can learn more about Moments here:


    * We do not recommend Conscious Connected Breathwork using the mouth for those with high or low blood pressure, glaucoma, are at a risk of stroke, early or unstable pregnancy or suffer with any form of psychosis such as schizophrenia. You are welcome to attend the event and breathe through the nose.